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management softwareIT managers know the benefits of asset management software.  It is an essential tool for tracking and managing computer hardware and related equipment.  But today’s asset management software goes far beyond IT to keep track of valuable assets.

Here are just some of the items you can track using a standard asset management software application:

  • Office furniture
  • Fixtures & Equipment
  • Vehicles, Trailers, Buildings
  • Tools
  • Basically any kind of physical equipment

Asset management software will help you balance cost, opportunities, and risks.  It helps companies reach their organizational objectives.

How will Asset Management Software turn the curve in your company?

  • It will reduce costs because you know when to repair and replace assets.
  • You will gain time when you know where your assets are and who is using them.
  • It will give you such robust reports that you will know what I’s to dot and T’s to cross.
  • With decreased labor time for asset management, you save money on overtime costs.
  • Equipment breakdowns will be a thing of the past.
  • With associated assets, you know inventory information and stop running out of parts.
  • You can plan and schedule employees more effectively with a detailed preventative maintenance plan.
  • Maintenance and warranty expirations are no longer overlooked.

As more and more employees work in the field, a web-based solution that can be accessed from an internet connection is a necessity.   The ability to remotely scan your assets is a great time saver, so records can be processed and updated right in the field.

Knowing where your assets are located and who is using them is critical to any organization.  Bringing asset management software out of IT and into the workplace will help you manage your valuable company assets to achieve the optimal life cycle and prevent loss.

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