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asset tracking systemThe Practical Questions

How do you make sure the right people are working on the right tasks and are properly trained?  How can you be certain they are working efficiently?  How do you know the equipment under your supervision is operating at the highest possible level?  What does it take to be an effective, productive Plant Manager?  It requires an effective asset tracking system.  Let’s continue the story from last week: Maintenance Management System Part I – The Audition.

Kris Camden, the Plant Manager at Shelivay knew the maintenance system problems were affecting quality and production and solving issues while assuring quality was as unobtainable as a vacation.

Kris was wading through:

She had to measure and report on safety, performance, and violations in order to stay compliant and productive and furthermore, she couldn’t afford to overlook, ignore, or defer safety-related maintenance.  She needed to implement automatic workflows for compliance, safety, and many more processes to reach company goals, identify losses and problems, and see plant wide improvements. 

The Outcome of an Asset Tracking System with Automated Maintenance Workflows:

(Compliance, Safety, Expirations, Warranties and Renewals)

  • Human error, accidents, and equipment failures are prevented as detailed maintenance workflows are created.
  • Automated reminders catch and notify personnel to complete safety inspections and preventative maintenance tasks.
  • The right people perform the right actions at the right time; so, potential problems are discovered before they happen.
  • Extended interruptions are avoided when automated notifications signal when warranties and service agreements are about to expire.
  • Automatic alerts and workflows prevent overlooked compliance tasks and help the company stay in front the issues that could lead to fines and penalties.
  • Problem diagnosis and the execution of repairs is improved.
  • Automatic workflow completely alters the process by which resources are used, communications are made, and reaction procedures are documented.
  • Scheduled maintenance tasks with integrated work order software are automatically assigned to occur at the appropriate intervals, and automatically log important documentation into the asset tracking system.
  • With increased visibility, expirations and renewals don’t go unnoticed and warranties won’t lapse.
  • Workflow automation reduces mistakes, saves time, and eliminates middle men.

As data was tracked, the knowledge was used to enhance the planning, scheduling, and monitoring of the organization.  Kris no longer relied on “gut” instincts.  She needed to see if productivity and performance goals were reached and assurances that as more quality work was performed, more quality products were produced.

Transforming a business begins with a decision.  Does Kris opt for change and take advantage of industry opportunities and grow, or refuse to adapt and possibly perish?  She had to tackle the problems and carefully consider investing in an asset tracking system.

To be continued…..Tune in next week to read more about the changes Kris made at Shelivay.   Contact Novo Solutions to request a demo today to see how the ShareNet Asset Management Software can help you.

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