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maintenance management systemFeeling the pressure.

Everyone knows that working as a technician or Plant Manager involves more than just using tools.  With the changing landscape of the manufacturing sector, sophisticated machines, and the importance of controlling costs, safety, compliance, and downtime, it’s not surprising that management is feeling the pressure.

The Proof.

In a recent research report, 35% of respondents stated the biggest challenge to improvement was outdated technology.  Therefore, a maintenance management system is an upgrade that many manufacturing companies can’t afford to overlook.

Manufacturing Maintenance Management System Fictional Story

Kris was elated when she became a Manager at Shelivay 10 years ago.  After all, being a successful woman in a man’s world felt good, but as months turned into years she questioned her skills.  She struggled to make sure technicians had the tools and information to be productive and effective. She was more uncertain as she faced some difficult decisions. Unplanned downtime was the norm and she wasn’t equipped with the right maintenance management system to make changes.  Proactive maintenance was impossible and the employees were in a cycle of reaction maintenance loops.  To be continued……

Improving Plant Operations with a Maintenance Management System

The plant floor relies on the connections between the back office, online and paper manuals, vendors, and the equipment.  Kris needed to reinforce those connections and see results. She needed a maintenance management system that would help her automate maintenance related workflows.


How did proper maintenance factor into managing the plant?  How did it affect safety and compliance?  How were safety regulations and training classes maintained and tracked?  It’s essential to maintain and measure your employee’s work and equipment performance.   Setting up automated workflows begins by determining the steps that ensure the most efficient use of equipment and labor.

The most successful companies have productive employees and happy customers but behind the scenes is a robust workflow system that is supported by reliable, available equipment.  Mastering how workflows and equipment are maintained will shift the organization to a proactive focus instead of reactive maintenance.

Next week we will learn more about Kris Camden and how implementing and automating maintenance workflows helped Shelivay.

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