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Preventive Maintenance Software

Consider the investments most industries make in fixed assets, including trucks, mechanical tools, machinery, and more.  These items represent a huge portion of an organization’s value.  Getting the longest life cycle out of your assets is key to maximizing the return on your equipment investment (ROI).  Preventative maintenance software is the cornerstone to maintain productivity and continue to operate smoothly, at the lowest possible cost.

The preventative maintenance theory is not new. In fact, it’s commonly known as worthy practice to carry out maintenance tasks on a routine or recommended basis to ensure equipment stays in prime operating condition.  Unfortunately, there are many who know the facts and still fail to embrace preventative maintenance software. According to a recent study, 61% of the manufacturing industry is still using a run-to-failure method.  As Dr. Phil would say, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge; how’s that working for ya?”

Failing to utilize preventative maintenance software is akin to the familiar credit card offers:

Buy Now- Pay Later.  You will pay in the long run!

Preventative Maintenance Software Facts:

  • Increase equipment ROI and in the process, extend the life of equipment.
  • Preventative maintenance keeps repair costs down, helps avoid equipment failure related downtime, and helps to avoid customer issues as a result of that downtime.
  • Utilizing preventative maintenance software enables scheduled maintenance tasks to be auto-assigned to occur at the appropriate recommended intervals, as well as log important documentation into the system.
  • Tasks can be assigned to be performed at non-peak times, such as when equipment is not in use, to optimize workplace efficiency.
  • Injuries and other safety-related issues stop becoming something to manage and start to become something preventable.
  • Preventative maintenance keeps equipment in the best possible working order.

Why do companies still not see the worth and extreme value of Preventative Maintenance Software?  It’s not a lack of common sense, it’s a lack of understanding of the real costs of the operation.


  • preventative maintenance software

    How do you calculate an increase in the useful life of an expensive piece of equipment or machinery?

  • Is it worth the cost of a few hundred dollars to avoid a $50,000 breakdown and actually get a return on your investment (ROI)?
  • How is the cost figured when a production line is down while parts are located for repairs to be made?
  • How much does it cost when a delivery truck breaks down and all the customers waiting for a timely delivery are sorely disappointed?
  • What if your accounting department has fully depreciated the equipment but it still has useful life? If the equipment continues to be crucial to your operations, how does this factor into calculating annual operating costs?
  • How much of the company budget would you estimate goes into costly repairs and maintenance?

The question to ask yourself is, are short-term savings worth the long-term consequences of not implementing and efficient preventative maintenance software program?  Let Novo Solutions prove that a modest investment in Maintenance Management Software will generate significant ROI.

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