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Geospatial Asset ManagementIn any municipality, most assets are location-based, such as water distribution, wastewater collection, stormwater, roads, and street signs. While you may have plenty of other assets that don’t have a location, most of them are likely permanently based in one specific area. Managing these location-based assets can often be a challenge for municipalities. This is where geospatial asset management with the ShareNet Asset Management Software comes in handy.

Asset Management is part of the ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system. With this system, you can quickly and easily access information about geospatial assets in the field regarding their location and condition. 

Why are Geospatial Asset Management Systems Important? 

Many cities might already have geographic information systems, or GIS, in place, but these aren’t always as useful as they could be. If this is true for your municipality, you’re not getting nearly as much as you can from your GIS system and could be running into problems because of it. At Novo Solutions, we understand the importance of having a reliable, easy-to-use geospatial asset management system.  If you are looking for low cost ways, see GIS Asset Management Software – 6 ideas for making it more accessible.

Below are a few ways that the ShareNet Operations Management system can help you manage and oversee your infrastructure assets. 

Easily Identify the Location of Your Assets

Of course, one of the main benefits of geospatial asset management software is that it gives you an easy way of tracking your assets and seeing where they are. Even if you don’t have a large number of assets, it can quickly become difficult to track where they’re all located. Being able to identify where any asset is when you need it can help make tasks much easier and quicker. 

View Maintenance History for Assets 

The right geospatial asset management system will help improve the way you handle record keeping. This is an area that many struggle with due to the system they use. Workers don’t always have access to provide updates as they’re made and can easily leave information out if they have to relay it to another person rather than do it themselves. The ShareNet Operations Management system makes this easy for anyone to do, providing more detailed backgrounds on assets. With the work order software in ShareNet, you can view the work order history of an asset and know that any important information will be available. 

Create New Work Orders

In addition to seeing past work orders and other maintenance information, you can use our geospatial asset management software to create new work orders for your assets. Whatever geospatial assets you oversee, you know that getting proper maintenance is a top priority to keep everything functioning properly. Our software ensures that you and your team have somewhere to create new work orders and provide updated information regarding an asset. 

See How a Geospatial Asset Management System Can Help You

Every municipality needs to track and manage its assets effectively, but many don’t have the software that makes this possible. With the ShareNet Operations Management system, you have a geospatial asset management system that provides true infrastructure asset management and tells you where your assets are and the maintenance they need. The ShareNet Operations Management system provides robust geospatial asset management capabilities with built-in GIS capabilities or integrates with an external GIS system.

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