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We all do it!  We purchase software that meets a need and use it to help us in our business or personal lives.  Once our problem is solved and we are running along well we drive into that software rut.  We simply do what we know how to do and nothing more.  After all, who has the time to learn something new?

The same is true for a lot of our modern conveniences.  Take our cell phones.  I know mine can do a lot of things I do not use it for.  While it may be true I do not ‘need’ to do everything I have at my fingertips, I could actually be losing time by not learning more of its features.

Many of us use software programs such as MS Outlook.  Now I know it can do a gazillion things I don’t use it for.  Every time I look at my coworkers desktop I think, “Are we using the same program”?  I admit it is intimidating, but there is more power under the hood I am going to go after (one of these days)!

We find the same thing true here at the Novo office.  People use our software to meet their daily needs and don’t realize all of the things it can do.  We understand that is human nature.  But we want to tell them there is so much more!

Each month here at Novo we send our customers tech tip newsletters to tell them about application features they may not be aware of.  It is so exciting when we get a call from someone who is able to solve a problem they have or just make their workday easier.

So let’s get out of that software rut!  Open a help file or a manual and check out the contents of some of your software and take a look.  I bet there’s a lot out there we are all missing.

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