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Hello! Jerome here with Novo Solutions! As a Water Utilities Director, do you face slowed operational efficiency? Are you looking for ways to improve your current procedures? Fear not, you’ve come to the right people for the best solution! Our Water Utility Software system is just what you need to jump-start your department. Our software, ShareNet, provides a flexible yet easy-to-use solution to your staff. We supply you with the tools to track your performance, manage your assets, and determine priorities at your fingertips. Your water utility assets will remain safe and maintained because of our commitment to our clients. We do our best to keep ShareNet tailored to your specific needs and stay flexible enough for change. Your capabilities expand once you introduce our Water Utility Software System into your operations. Make ShareNet a part of your daily routine and transform your department by clicking the Request Demo button!water-utility-software

Understanding the tools you need

We offer a variety of features for you to use with your Water Utility Software. But, sometimes, having a lot of tools can be too much all at once. So, I would like to highlight some tools you will use once you implement our Asset Management Software for Water Utilities.


  1. GIS Mapping:

    First, our GIS mapping is an excellent feature because you can directly locate and pinpoint your water utility assets. It enables you to make decisions based on current field conditions accurately. Communication improves because you can effectively identify structures and landmarks as valuable references.

  2.  Asset Tracking:

    Next, we have asset tracking, essential for any department, especially within the Public Works sector. You can extend your assets’ life when you keep good maintenance records over their useful life. Reduce your expenses because regular preventative maintenance means assets cost less to be maintained. You can also log the time, mileage, running hours, or the usage of equipment. So, if something is amiss, you know enough details to sort the issue out.

  3. Work Order Management:

    Continuing, we have come to work order management, a crucial aspect concerning productivity and efficiency. Consistently keeping up with your work tasks ensures customer satisfaction.  This enables you to quickly see and respond to any new issues residents have reported. You can also monitor any changes to your daily routine and remedy them as much as possible. In addition, reducing stress on management reduces stress on staff, allowing work processes to flow more smoothly. Peace of mind is a gift that keeps on giving, and it will continue just as our software does.

  4. Reporting:

    Lastly, reporting offers insights for improvement and gives visible representation to analytical data. It provides clarity for those who would like a straightforward answer to get the job completed. In terms of speed, it eliminates the time-consuming chore of shuffling through papers looking for the solution. Our reporting also provides you with clear visibility of your needs and allows you to adapt based on what you see quickly.


Enhancement of job training

Novo Solutions provides a simplified approach to training. We provide instructions on how to use our water utility system and the great features it offers. We simplify your workflow by evolving your operations, minimizing your costs, and improving your efficiency. Paperwork orders and spreadsheets can easily be left in the past by creating custom forms in ShareNet. Delays and miscommunication can often occur with paper-based processes. Minimizing these occurrences is what makes your system optimal, generating more capacity for work per shift. Training your new staff with ShareNet will start them off on the right foot.


Water Utility Software and your water utilities

Our Water Utility Software gives you a system to funnel your work through. In addition, our software can help you prevent costly replacements and repairs that might occur. Checking, replacing, and maintaining your water utility assets is a difficult job. For example, water meters, valves, and water mains each have their unique set of maintenance and inspection requirements. Luckily, ShareNet allows you to record the history of how many water meter shut-offs have occurred. It also supports the filing of the last time the valves were exercised, or the last time a water main was inspected.



Managing direction with our Water Utility Software

Earlier, we spoke about easing the stresses of the work environment. Reducing stress when giving direction to staff is very important. Providing them with an easy way to see priorities reduces stress and helps them to be successful. If they are stressed, more than likely, a job may not be finished on time and will become stagnant in its completion. That won’t do! Mainly because in this field of work you will have deadlines that you will have to meet! That very reason is why we created our cloud-based software. If you equip your workforce with the mobility of tablets and smartphones, they can access ShareNet outside the office. Direct communication provides seamless conversations for workers and management. Thus, minimizing stress for everyone allowing jobs to be completed more quickly.

A new process for you and your department

In conclusion, you can easily access the tools you need to make your department efficient with our Water Utility Software. In addition, we simplify job training for your current and incoming workers by providing you with workflow automation. Next, for your utilities, we ensure preventative maintenance is recorded alongside the assets. Finally, you can effectively manage your department’s direction by minimizing work stress using the mobility offered via tablets with the Water Utility software. I surely hope you choose the practical solutions that we provide with ShareNet and our Water Utility Software. We realize the untapped potential of your department and would love to help you unlock its full capabilities today! Request a demo below and talk with us today!


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