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Municipal Work Order Software with Work Flow Automation

Consider all the paper activities your office is handling every day. In fact, the US government spends $440 million per year printing.  That's just the cost, there are notifications to send, records to file, and updates to complete.  And to manage these tasks, you need a series of steps to follow.  Suppose you could do those things without lifting a finger.  It is possible, with municipal work order software and automatic work flows. Imagine [...]

Novo Software…Your Port in the Storm

The past couple weeks have been eventful here in Virginia (our office is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia).  First, we had an earthquake – the first in our region in decades.  Following that, we had a hurricane.  We are grateful to have fared well throughout the storms and pray our customers did as well.  Let Novo Software be your port in the storm. All of this has us thinking about disaster preparedness.  We just never [...]