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Stacy is trying out her first marketing gig and loving it. She is a Virginia Beach native that marches to the beat of her own drummer and is often seen being passionate about something. She absolutely loves it when people read her blog! : -)

The CMMS Program | Things You Should Know

As we continue our mission to ascertain the ROI of a CMMS program before you buy, please check out my last post about the tangible benefits —CMMS Software ROI | Tangible Benefits Revealed.  I love tangibles but the intangible benefits of using a CMMS to track, share, and report on information is the golden goose, the ticket, the reason for the season, I digress: )  In other words, if you can’t measure the ROI in [...]

CMMS Software ROI | Tangible Benefits Revealed

With personal and business, we are wired to consider the return on our investments.  From a new AC system at our homes to our business software purchases, we need the ROI measurements to base our decisions.  It’s especially difficult when you consider buying CMMS Software for your organization.  As with most measurements, ROI has a formula.  It looks fairly simple:  ROI= (Value — Cost) / Cost I’m not trying to bring up algebraic nightmares of [...]

The 2018 | 100+ Manufacturing, Maintenance Management Resource Guide

When I started working at Novo Solutions, I had no idea how much research I would do.  I wanted to get to know the industries using Asset Management and CMMS Software better.  In other words, I went down the rabbit hole to gain insight into your needs and problems. Why does it matter? Oh, it matters because I gained much more than insight during my self-imposed education.  I stumbled onto so many helpful sites, publications, [...]

Justify The Cost of The Best Government Software

All governments, large or small, are faced with the challenge of juggling limited financial and human resources.   Service backlogs must be addressed while comprehensively dealing with challenges and demands.  I suppose one of the reasons municipalities may shy away from an investment in government software is because elected officials and perhaps even municipal managers don’t understand how valuable it can be.   You need the best government software available to justify the cost. Imagine if a [...]

The Best 50+ Municipal Websites for Officials & Administrators

Municipal Websites Last Update (1/22/18)  App for Everything Municipalities are constantly growing and changing. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times, not so much.  Do you ever scratch your head and wonder what it would take to be more productive and innovative?  I know I’m always looking for better ways to manage my tasks and time. Perhaps that’s because there is an app for nearly everything I do.  I even have an app that [...]

Asset Management Tracking Software – Take the Leap!

Making the decision to invest in asset management tracking software is daunting at best.  The mere thought alone can send even the most level-headed into a tailspin.  That’s why it’s important to know the areas you expect a return on your investment. The cost should be offset by the gains. Let’s face it, paper isn’t dynamic.  Workers out in the field are deprived of valuable data that may be crucial to their jobs, such as [...]

6 Ways to Simplify Local Government Asset Management

What are municipal assets?  These are assets that provide services to your community such as streets, water, waste water and stormwater infrastructure.  Municipal assets provide essential, non-essential, and supplementary services to the community.  It's important to simplify with a local government asset management system. Local governments maintain capital-intensive assets, with water and sewer systems as just a few of the most expensive assets to manage.  To reduce costs, it’s crucial to focus on maintenance and [...]

25 Questions to Develop Your Municipal Asset Management Story

Knowing your municipal asset management story or how you arrived at the current situation helps determine the steps to take to get where you want to go next.  I’m the type of person that likes to dive in head first and see where I surface, but that isn’t always the best plan.  Hence the word, plan.  Doing your homework and making a plan goes a long way towards more effective municipal management. Let’s start at [...]

Municipal Work Order Software with Work Flow Automation

Consider all the paper activities your office is handling every day. In fact, the US government spends $440 million per year printing (2009).  That's just the cost, there are notifications to send, records to file, and updates to complete.  And to manage these tasks, you need a series of steps to follow.  Suppose you could do those things without lifting a finger.  It is possible, with municipal work order software and automatic work flows. [...]

20 Reasons Municipal Government Software Makes Life Easier

Knowledge and information are akin to having money in the bank, and likewise, municipal government software keeps knowledge and information accurate and useful.  Because you reduce costs by utilizing lessons learned and documenting best practices. Having access to municipal software solutions can be a challenge; especially with local government software. Many of us know a person who seems to have all the answers, or if they don’t have them, they will find them.  They always [...]