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Stacy is trying out her first marketing gig and loving it. She is a Virginia Beach native that marches to the beat of her own drummer and is often seen being passionate about something. She absolutely loves it when people read her blog! : -)

City Government Software – Results for City Managers

Today’s city managers are tasked with budgeting around an infrastructure that has limited capacity for growth, making it a challenge to address the changing needs of the community.  Effectively implementing even simple changes requires the documentation, tracking, and measurement of work performance against operational standards to determine the information needed to manage a well-organized government. To that end, city managers and council members need visibility into factors such as labor, materials, and contracted work, that [...]

The CMMS System | The Maintenance Manager

Practicing safety is a lesson that begins with our mother’s teachings and progresses through the phases of our lives.  Much in the way of parents, protecting the safety of employees is a manager’s responsibility.   Incidents are inevitable, but managing safety training and having a process in place to ensure employees are trained on a regular basis will decrease the frequency of accidents.  Unfortunately, it often takes a crisis before safety management improvements are made.  So, [...]

7 Reasons to Track Asset Depreciation with a Maintenance Program

You finally feel like things are running smoothly.  Maybe you are effectively tracking and maintaining your assets.  If, however, you are not able to easily report on maintenance costs AND depreciated equipment values, you could be missing out on some insightful information.  Don’t discount the importance of tracking and reporting on asset depreciation directly within your maintenance program.  The Facts:  Assets enter the workforce just as we do. And similarly, asset depreciation begins producing income [...]

Asset Tracking Software – Get Smart About Minimizing Downtime

Avoiding equipment breakdowns plays a vital role in boosting productivity and profits.  Keeping assets functioning at peak capacity is essential to your maintenance efforts. Are you continually working to balance workloads and equipment scheduling to lessen the possibility of downtime?  A modern asset tracking software system should be able to simplify your challenges for optimal asset performance and decrease equipment downtime. Have you ever noticed that downtime is comprised of multiple times? – notification time, [...]

Asset Maintenance Management Software Reports

Assets are your organization's most significant investments and must be preserved.  Asset maintenance management software reports give visibility into the life-cycle of an asset.  Do you want the decision to repair or replace an asset to be an informed or a desperate decision?  What would happen if you drove your vehicle every day but neglected to get the oil changed? Breakdowns and expensive repairs would rapidly follow.   For this reason, a work order software system [...]

Work Order Management Guaranteed to Make Life Easier

Working around the clock is normal for many of us– from taking care of repairs, juggling workers, and keeping customers happy, there’s an endless to-do list. We work at the office, at home, on vacation, and at our kid’s recitals and sporting events. More often than not, the running of business never stops and tackling the load means being at the top of our game. Using a software system for work order management gives an [...]

Preventative Maintenance Software — Increasing ROI

Consider the investments most industries make in fixed assets, including trucks, mechanical tools, machinery, and more.  These items represent a huge portion of an organization's value.  Getting the longest life cycle out of your assets is key to maximizing the return on your equipment investment (ROI).  Preventative maintenance software is the cornerstone to maintain productivity and continue to operate smoothly, at the lowest possible cost. The preventative maintenance theory is not new. In fact, it’s [...]

CMMS Software Shopping Tips

It can be a daunting task to find the right CMMS Software for your company.  When shopping for a home, would you buy the first house the realtor shows?  Not likely.  You usually have an idea of what you’re looking for, this is no different.  What should you take into account?  There isn’t a one size fits all approach to buying software. If you’re reading this, then you are well on your way to making [...]

The Top 33 + Most Helpful Manufacturing Publications

I recently embarked on a quest to create a manufacturing resource arsenal for plant managers, manufacturing supervisors, process, and corporate managers and everyone in between.  This is no easy task!This post of Manufacturing Publications is just a sneak peek into the future HUGE post. To begin, I asked myself, what type of content would be useful? What do manufacturers need to know and what are the challenges they face?  (please feel free to comment) I [...]

Workflow Automation and New Customers

Everyone knows what it’s like to be a newbie.  We’ve all experienced the arduous task of becoming a new customer.   Have you ever considered not calling or joining because the process of starting something new is difficult?  Streamlining and automating new customer implementation with workflow automation is a worthy practice to establish. A well-organized, effective new customer implementation plan is a critical ingredient to retain and nurture new clients.  New customer support implementation is so [...]