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manufacturing publicationsI recently embarked on a quest to create a manufacturing resource arsenal for plant managers, manufacturing supervisors, process, and corporate managers and everyone in between.  This is no easy task!This post of Manufacturing Publications is just a sneak peek into the future HUGE post.

To begin, I asked myself, what type of content would be useful? What do manufacturers need to know and what are the challenges they face?  (please feel free to comment)

I soon realized the enormity of research required to complete this endeavor and being a person that shares my meal before I’ve had a taste, I decided to offer a small sample of the report.

According to a Gardner Research Survey, 86% of manufacturers indicated they view trade magazines (i.e. manufacturing publications), and 68% view e-newsletters as an effective method for gathering information on finding solutions, new products, processes, and industry related stories/news.  As I considered the data, I realized how vital it is to have a list of the best and the brightest of these offerings.

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Best and Brightest Manufacturing Publications

  1. Quick Manufacturing News top news features daily with a short description, keeping you in the loop.
  2. Plant Services has 10 newsletters featuring Asset Management, Course Connection, Off the Clock, Smart Minute, Special Alerts, Surveys, Bulletins, Video Showcase, Webcast Alerts, White Papers, and Digital Solutions.
  3. Free Trade Magazines has a library (over 50 in one category) that can be researched by category.
  4. Fluke Newsletter helps solve problems and keep facilities running smoothly for electricians, engineers, and plant maintenance technicians.
  5. Maintenance Technology Magazine & Newsletter helps plant management teams that are responsible for the physical assets of the plant. (newsletter highlights recent feature articles, news, and products from the magazine)
  6. Engineering 360’s Publication covers industry trends, equipment, events, and anything related to plant and facilities.
  7. Electrical Construction & Maintenance offers subscriptions to 9 relevant newsletters with topics including electrical code, research, developments, installation, quality, delivery, stability, continuing education, product offerings, practical maintenance, green initiatives, tips, and training.
  8. Resource Engineering & Maintenance is a Canadian reliability magazine that is an asset-intensive resource for industrial engineers, maintenance professionals, plant operations.
  9. FM Industry Magazine is full of news and information for real estate and facilities management professionals.
  10. Facilities Manager Magazine shares the experiences and views of the professionals behind the big picture. They offer research, solutions, strategies, and best practices to transform managerial jobs.
  11. FacilitiesNet has 2 manufacturing publications -Facility Maintenance Decisions and Building Operating Management that both offer insightful ideas on everything related to managing buildings and facilities.
  12. Buildings Magazine has tons of helpful information for facility managers and building owners.
  13. Plant Services Magazine has up to date information for maintenance, reliability, and manufacturing.
  14. Plant Engineering offers a magazine subscription, content channels, training, tools, news, blogs, events, and newsletters. It is a one-stop shop that you don’t want to miss.
  15. Building Services Management Magazine is chock full of solutions for today’s facility maintenance professional.
  16. Fleet Equipment Magazine covers industry trends and issues that encourage the most cost-effective operations.
  17. Industrial Machinery Digest is a compiled archive of IMD’s monthly publication that serves jobs shops, machine shops, contract, and production line manufacturing. The best part is that they tag and archive each issue in this digest for easy searching!
  18. Industry Supply Magazine is the voice of industry distribution providing relevant, valuable information on high impact decisions.
  19. CED Magazine is for executives and managers from dealerships, rental companies, and manufacturers. It’s informative with in-depth research and reporting for equipment distributors and rental operations.
  20. Alliance for American Manufacturing is an excellent manufacturing publication determined to create jobs through research, education, communication, and advocacy. The articles are easily accessible and categorized by Jobs, American Security, Tax Reform, Buy America, Innovation, Trade, Workforce, and Infrastructure. Welcome to America!
  21. Manufacturing News is a metalworking manufacturing publication. Browse news by region or editorial category. Subscriptions for print or digital, check out upcoming tradeshows, or links. Your likely to find whatever you are looking for.
  22. Industry Week has 9 manufacturing publications -Daily Headlines, Weekly Hotlist, Continuous Improvement, Workforce Watch, 3D Printing, Supply Chain Insights, Leadership Insights, Manufacturing Technology, and Quick Manufacturing News. It’s an undeniable staple in the manufacturing industry.
  23. Manufacturing Today has digital, print, and a bonus content edition that are full of best practices for industry leaders.
  24. The Manufacturer covers all sectors with thought leadership, regulatory updates, and best practices.
  25. Automation World has 16 newsletters and has an enormous amount of information available for nearly every topic including news, insights, products, processing, automation and much more.
  26. Assembly Magazine covers processes, strategies, technology, and more.
  27. Modern Materials Handling a manufacturing publication that has a wealth of information on productivity, materials, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing.
  28. Reliable Plant has 4 subscriptions to Machinery Lubrication Magazine, Lube-Tips, Reliable Plant Mail, and Machinery Lubrication Newsletters for useful information related to advanced machine reliability and maintenance technologies.
  29. Reliability Web is a go-to source for reliability and uptime maintenance news and information, including a magazine, articles, events, tips, job boards, videos and even a bookstore.
  30. Advanced Manufacturing offers 4 subscriptions or downloads from iTunes – Manufacturing Engineering Magazine (a broad collection of technologies for engineering professionals), Smart Manufacturing Magazine (focuses on advanced technologies for integrating information), Advanced Manufacturing Now, and Tooling & Workholding for Today’s Shop Floor are insightful weekly and monthly newsletters.

Listed below are three powerhouse sister sites that have articles, topics, channels, video, guides, and learning available.  Easily subscribe to multiple newsletters and get personalized recommendations.

  1. has 2 newsletters that offer manufacturing news and insight.
  2. Manufacturing Business Technology manufacturing publication for technology manufacturing executives.
  3. IMPO (Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation) is an awesome resource for relevant news.
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As always Novo Solutions is here with your Asset, Maintenance Management Software Solutions.  Stay tuned for the BIG LIST post that will include the best and brightest in the following categories: Associations, Blogs, Best Practices, Data/Metrics, Hiring Challenges, Education, Free Forms, Resources, Monitoring, Safety, Compliance, Standards, Strategy, Service Providers, and so much more.  Subscribe to Novo Solutions Blog updates to have the Big List post emailed or remember to stay tuned to   Hope this Manufacturing Publications list is useful!  Happy reading!

Here is the link to the finished post:

100+ Websites for Manufacturing, Maintenance, & Asset Management Professionals