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GIS Software – 6 Ideas For Making it More Accessible

Over the years of speaking with Public Works Directors and staff, we have heard the challenges some of the smaller municipalities have with infrastructure assets in their GIS software.  This article will describe some of these common problems, practical ideas for improvement and the expected benefits from addressing these problems.   Common Problems with Accessing GIS Software: Municipalities will often store their asset data in a GIS system, or Geographic Information System.  This can be a powerful tool for organizing and [...]

Keep Up With Your Investments with Asset Tracking

One of the largest investments of a company is work equipment. Whether it's large equipment, tools, or even tablets and cell phones, asset tracking is a huge benefit for a number of reasons. Check out exactly how easy a CMMS makes asset tracking below. Keep Up with Maintenance Schedules Monitoring your assets is more than just having a place where they are easily found. As a result of keeping up with maintenance schedules, downtime decreases [...]

Spare Parts Inventory Management Software

USING SPARE PARTS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AT SHELIVAY MANUFACTURING  As we wrap up the series about Kris Camden, Plant Manager - let's talk today about a spare parts management software system and how it affects maintenance and overall production.  Kris had repairs on the wait list, parts to order, and downtime backing up.  Workers were waiting for parts to be delivered before repairs could begin.  Unavailable and unordered parts were the primary reason for delayed [...]

Asset Management System | Let it do the Work!

With only 2 posts remaining, let us continue with the story of Kris Camden and the Shelivay asset management system. Preserve and Maintain Assets  Waste was a rampant issue at Shelivay because they didn’t track and maintain their assets.  Technicians were waiting around for equipment, tools weren’t available, or they were doing the same job twice because asset maintenance wasn’t properly recorded. This principle holds true in everyday life. Consider budgeting, as an example.  As [...]

Equipment Management | Stop Downtime in It’s Tracks

Equipment Management  I encourage you to read the previous post- CMMS Maintenance Standards.  Equipment management was poor on a good day but Kris was intimidated by the research, approval, and implementation process of purchasing a CMMS.  But she needed a maintenance system that ensured faster turnaround time for PM tasks and routine maintenance.  She had so many questions. What was equipment downtime costing their bottom line? Would there be a positive ROI on a CMMS software purchase?   [...]

CMMS Maintenance Standards — What You Need

As we continue on this journey with Shelivay Manufacturing, I encourage you to read the 2 previous posts, beginning with: Maintenance Management System Part I – The Audition.  Shelivay was using the old-school method of managing repairs with mountains of paper that included warranty info, parts, work orders, notes, and inspections.  Automating this process guarantees visibility into the repair history, dates of service, authorizations, and other pertinent information.  Kris needed to set CMMS maintenance standards and [...]

Asset Tracking System

The Practical Questions How do you make sure the right people are working on the right tasks and are properly trained?  How can you be certain they are working efficiently?  How do you know the equipment under your supervision is operating at the highest possible level?  What does it take to be an effective, productive Plant Manager?  It requires an effective asset tracking system.  Let’s continue the story from last week: Maintenance Management System Part [...]

CMMS Software ROI | Tangible Benefits Revealed

With personal and business, we are wired to consider the return on our investments.  From a new AC system at our homes to our business software purchases, we need the ROI measurements to base our decisions.  It’s especially difficult when you consider buying CMMS Software for your organization.  As with most measurements, ROI has a formula.  It looks fairly simple:  ROI= (Value — Cost) / Cost I’m not trying to bring up algebraic nightmares of [...]

The 2018 | 100+ Manufacturing, Maintenance Management Resource Guide

When I started working at Novo Solutions, I had no idea how much research I would do.  I wanted to get to know the industries using Asset Management and CMMS Software better.  In other words, I went down the rabbit hole to gain insight into your needs and problems. Why does it matter? Oh, it matters because I gained much more than insight during my self-imposed education.  I stumbled onto so many helpful sites, publications, [...]

Justify The Cost of The Best Government Software

All governments, large or small, are faced with the challenge of juggling limited financial and human resources.   Service backlogs must be addressed while comprehensively dealing with challenges and demands.  I suppose one of the reasons municipalities may shy away from an investment in government software is because elected officials and perhaps even municipal managers don’t understand how valuable it can be.   You need the best government software available to justify the cost. Imagine if a [...]