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Customer Support Software | What is Annual Subscription?

When purchasing software there are many considerations including evaluating features, but did you know that there can be big differences in the deployment model as well? Typical deployment models: Shareware/Freeware: This is usually a basic version of the vendor’s software.  It is free but there may be costs for additional users and features.  Some have term limitations while others have unlimited use but may have other restrictions.  Make sure you read all the fine print [...]

Flexible Scalable Customizable – Novo Customer Support

Flexibility in an application often engenders fear in the hearts of professionals tasked with managing the initial set up and continued management of a solution.  While this anxiety is completely understandable, Novo renders such fears largely baseless.  We’ve done so by creating an intuitive interface for administrators and by providing the personal touch of training your core cadre of users.  Should assistance be required, our Support Portal enables self help and of course our Support [...]

Flexible Scalable Customizable Intuitive – Novo Customer Support Suite

In today’s business world, all businesses are seeking to not only increase efficiency but to enhance service while doing so.  In such a business climate, most organizations find themselves in a situation where more work must be performed by the same or number of employees.  If unable to increase staffing to manage workloads, more efficiently managing work through the use of a support application makes sound business sense.  Such a solution must be scalable, cost [...]

Deployment Models – Shared Services

In my role as Sales Assistant, one of my primary tasks is to quickly and efficiently assess the needs of potential clients.  To advise potential clients whether or not there is a ‘fit’ between the needs of their organization and the capabilities of the Novo applications.  Essentially interpreting their core requirements into a working model within Novo, and then attempting to share that vision with them.  In this situation, truly one of the most exciting [...]

Benefits of a Hosted Solution Call Center

Whether you call it ‘Cloud Computing’ or ‘SaaS’, both Fortune500 companies and market analysts have praised a hosted solution as a great way to manage internal IT functions. Gartner named cloud computing as one of their Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010.  They define this list as being technologies that have potential for significant impact on the enterprise for the next three years: “These technologies impact the organization’s long-term plans, programs and imitates. They may be [...]

Maximize Budgetary Allowances – Help Desk Software

It may feel like the year is just half way through, but for many organizations, including our government friends, the year is quickly winding down.  It is not unusual for us to get last minute inquiries in September from agencies looking to make allocated year end purchases for needed solutions.  While we welcome these calls, we encourage agencies to begin their search now to gather as much information as possible to get the best solution [...]

Maintain ‘Priceless’ Customer Support

We all love the MasterCard ‘priceless' commercials, so here at Novo we have created a version of our own. Average cost of email customer support request- $21.00 Average National cost of a desktop incident - $ 32.00 Keeping your current customers happy with great customer support - priceless! Well, not exactly priceless, but you get the idea.  In a recession it is all too easy to move focus to increasing sales - after all, companies cannot [...]

The Benefits of Service Level Agreement Accountability

Last week we talked about the benefits of setting Service Level Agreements - even if they are only for internal management.  We at Novo Solutions have found this very beneficial for measuring success in IT Support operations. In a time when many companies are considering outsourcing their in-house IT departments, it is very helpful to know just how well your IT department is performing.  Having data in hand such as average response time and average time [...]

Do you have an SLA in place?

You may think SLA's (Service Level Agreements) are just for large companies who service a lot of customers, but even smaller organizations who are only providing internal support can benefit from enacting a SLA. Service Level Agreements (SLA) measure your support department's response and resolution times.  It is certainly very beneficial to be able to promise your end users (clients) excellent customer support.  Whether you choose to publish your SLA to your end users or [...]

How Flexible is Your Support Software?

So what ‘business' shape are you in these days?  The economy is stretching us all in many ways; we are stretching our dollars, bending over backwards to satisfy customers, extending the life cycle of equipment, and broadening our horizons for new sales prospects. Do you have the same expectations of your support software? One of the features that our customers like best about the Novo software is its flexibility and adaptability.  This makes it a [...]