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AnneHIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has brought sweeping changes into patient data management by addressing the security and privacy of health data.  If you are managing patient data in your company support tracking system, you need to insure you are HIPPA compliant.

The Novo Support Software guards your personal patient data by allowing fully configurable settings to protect sensitive information.  By means of secure authentication only permitted users can access your company information.  Permissions based ‘groups’ and ‘roles’ allow management to determine ‘which’ users can see ‘what’ information.  This allows:

  • Approved personnel to see only what you allow them to see
  • Approved personnel to do only what you need them to do
  • The ability to access the report data you allow them to see and report on
  • As a result – your patient data is securely managed!

HIPAA compliance can be very costly and complex.  Fortunately, Novo software is not.  To learn more about how Novo Solutions handles HIPPA compliance contact us.