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(Written Narration of Blog Post published 12/14/2017

So, what are the direct and indirect costs?

Software license fees —They are usually paid annually or month to month.

In essence, you rent the software.

Meaning, you aren’t responsible for updates or back-ups and you can count on good phone support and improvements over time.

Set up fees and costs
Vendors usually charge a one-time set-up fee unless further data migration is required down the road.

What is the cost of organizing your own data before the data migration and depending on the state of your company, data import and conversion can be simple or complex? Which means you may need to hire outside assistance and pay overtime to employees.

Training and Support should be included as part of your maintenance management system
Or will you have to keep paying for more training if needed?

It should be easy to get real-time responses from real people and support should have good business hours.

We’re not robots, so calls should be easy to get through and personalized training is the best way to understand the features and how they will be used.

You also want on-going support as part of your maintenance management system purchase at no additional charge.

Changing your processes and getting staff up to speed can be OVERWHELMING!

This indirect cost is difficult to estimate but it’s important to dedicate some time to the onboarding process.

This process involves several training sessions depending on the size of your maintenance team and how drastic the change.

For example, if your current operations are strictly paper then there will be a big learning curve and possible resistance.

It’s important to set aside adequate time for data input, migration, and training.

Make sure to get feedback from staff by keeping a list of questions to identify needs, set goals, and measure success.

In addition to the cost savings and benefits of using a Computerized Maintenance Management system

Your organization is guaranteed to provide better customer service

Improved productivity, and increased efficiency.

And the cost savings across your organization will give you an increasing positive ROI year after year.

Resulting in:
Reduced data entry time and effort
Maximized labor and equipment resources
Reduced time looking for parts
And decreased time and energy putting together reports, and so much more.
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