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CMMS Maintenance

As we continue on this journey with Shelivay Manufacturing, I encourage you to read the 2 previous posts, beginning with: Maintenance Management System Part I – The Audition.  Shelivay was using the old-school method of managing repairs with mountains of paper that included warranty info, parts, work orders, notes, and inspections.  Automating this process guarantees visibility into the repair history, dates of service, authorizations, and other pertinent information.  Kris needed to set CMMS maintenance standards and outline the goals and procedures for day-to-day operations and ongoing preventive maintenance practices.

What do you need to develop CMMS Maintenance Standards?

  • Time studies on equipment to evaluate and calculate the appropriate timing of preventative tasks
  • All pertinent information, such as make/model, serial numbers, asset identification numbers, and location information
  • Frequency of PM (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Procedures and tools required to complete preventive maintenance tasks per asset
  • Standard operating and safety procedures
  • Who is involved in the PM plan/schedule
  • Established goals of maintenance standards: i.e.: reduce reactive/corrective maintenance costs and decreasing downtime percentages
  • Equipment operating to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Warranty conditions for PM
  • Asset priority status and operational goals
  • Repair and replacement costs
  • Realistic maintenance schedules based on completion time, equipment priority, corrective, and emergency maintenance

Kris Camden, Plant Manager at Shelivay Manufacturing knew many of the problems stemmed from poorly tracked equipment.  This operational pattern of equipment failures and useless tasks added needed to stop.  Temporary repairs were out of control.  Like genetics, she inherited much of the dysfunction at Shelivay but it was nonetheless a problem for her to fix.

Maintenance standards serve as a comprehensive checklist for your organization’s maintenance efforts. Resulting in improved workflow automation and increased operational productivity.  Preventive maintenance standards can drastically reduce errors and increase overall preparedness in the case of emergencies.  They offer a safeguard against reactive work and downtime.  Next week we will discuss the results of established maintenance standards at Shelivay.  Until then, please feel free to contact Novo Solutions for more information on our CMMS Maintenance Software.