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Customer Support Frustration

Customer support is a key focus here at Novo.  Because of the nature of our business, we practice this on two levels.

Firstly, we are in business.  We have customers.  Therefore we must ensure that we are supporting our customers.  Not only is excellent customer service a key part of our business model, but businesses that don’t support their customers don’t stay in business very long.

Secondly, our business software revolves around helping others provide first quality customer support.  We are constantly making feature enhancements to our software to improve processes, helping companies work more efficiently so that they can provide the best support possible.

Providing stellar customer support is becoming increasingly more challenging.  In an age when people are used to instant gratification, having to wait on the telephone for support, not to mention all of the automated ‘help loops’ gets people frustrated very quickly.  In addition businesses need to run leaner and may have fewer agents than they used to for taking calls.

Still, good customer support is essential to any business and needs to be watched closely.  And in this age of social media, a bad review can be viewed around the globe.

For more information see our Novo Customer Support Software .