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Getting the longest life cycle out of your equipment is key to maximizing the return on your equipment investment.  Preventive maintenance practices can be a great help in keeping your equipment running well, but when factoring the manpower and supply costs of preventative maintenance is it always worth it?  Let’s take a closer look at how a CMMS program with Facility Management Software Benefits Facility Managers.

Facility Management SoftwarePreventive maintenance (PM) practices involve carrying out maintenance tasks on a routine or recommended basis to ensure your equipment stays in prime operating condition.  This ensures machinery is running at optimum efficiency and helps prevents future problems from occurring.  Basically, that is your bottom line anyway.  Keep it up and running in tip-top shape.

Utilizing facility management software, these scheduled maintenance tasks can be auto-assigned to occur at the appropriate recommended intervals, as well as log important documentation into the system.  Tasks can be assigned to be performed at non-peak times, such as when equipment is not in use, to optimize workplace efficiency.  Maintenance management becomes a well-oiled machine.

To be effective, preventive maintenance has to be built into Facility Maintenance operational schedules. Workers busy performing essential tasks should not be pulled off other priority tasks so that any area is compromised. Furthermore, scheduling Preventative Maintenance tasks allow multiple maintenance duties to be rotated, which keeps PM tasks at regular intervals and workers not over or under loaded.

We recently had a chat with a Facility Manager who has a compliance requirement to regularly inspect the internal fire doors at his hospital.  Putting the tasks on a scheduled auto-rotation allows his staff to stagger the task schedule, while at the same time meet the compliance requirements.  Automated reminders organize what would otherwise be a massive undertaking each Preventative Maintenance cycle.  The tasks get completed and work order scheduling becomes predictable.

Next post we will look at the plusses and minuses of” Predictive Maintenance.”  Stay tuned!

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