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As we continue our mission to ascertain the ROI of a CMMS program before you buy, please check out my last post about the tangible benefits —CMMS Software ROI | Tangible Benefits Revealed.  I love tangibles but the intangible benefits of using a CMMS to track, share, and report on information is the golden goose, the ticket, the reason for the season, I digress: )  In other words, if you can’t measure the ROI in dollars and cents, you must analyze the intangible benefits as well.CMMS Program

What are the intangible benefits of a CMMS Program? 

  1. Improved communication and morale — Maintenance work can be continuous and complicated because communication runs between the requesters, technicians, and management. Specifically, feedback, status updates, tools needed, etc.  Therefore, using a CMMS to enter requests that in turn creates a dynamic work order with related information and parts needed saves time.  Real-time work order status updates reduce communication bottlenecks and overflowing inboxes.  And as a result, employees are happier and more productive because you provided the tool to do their jobs faster and better.  Investing in a CMMS program sends a message that you value them because they have ownership of their tasks.  Which motivates them to work efficiently, thereby, increasing productivity and the bottom line.  It fosters a culture of progress and improvement by streamlining outdated, counterintuitive processes.
  1. Better customer service, satisfaction, and response time — Calculating customer satisfaction with a CMMS program may be difficult but it’s possible. Customer service improves with effective preventative maintenance that decreases downtime and increases productivity.  Resulting in better response times and satisfied customers. Simply put, automated processes ensure they receive real-time status updates and their orders or requests on time.
  1. Increase visibility and transparency — Often overlooked but the most valuable benefit of your CMMS program is the visibility and transparency it brings. If your screaming about productivity and performance, you better have the data to support it.  Measuring and tracking your data takes the guesswork out of work order status, labor hours, and maintenance methods.   Enabling educated adjustments.   In fact, with solid information to back up evaluations, pm adjustments, repair or replace decisions, you create a standard of fairness across your organization.

Defining the benefits of a CMMS program is simpler than calculating the dollar value of an ROI before you’ve seen the results. On the other hand, we do buy the elliptical machine before we lose weight, which implies that some things are worth the investment.  So, taking a hands-on approach to assessing your organization’s intangible benefits is useful.  Contact Novo Solutions today to learn more about the best CMMS around!

Please stay tuned, next week we will discuss and analyze the direct costs associated with the purchase of a CMMS.