Cloud Computing
The Cloud continues to be a topic of conversation these days with more and more organizations realizing the benefits of Cloud technology for all kinds of business functions.

For IT, “Gartner has predicted that the percentage of companies having the majority of their IT infrastructure in the cloud will increase from just 3 percent to 47 percent in the next four years (*KM World, “Flexibility flourishes in the cloud”, May 28, 2012).”

After all it is easy to see why this shift is taking place.  Cloud services have a much lower cost entry point than typical in-house license deployments.  The software and data is housed on the vendor’s servers and updates are made by the vendor, so IT staff is not necessary.  And with improvements in security, worries about keeping data in-house have been minimized.  For many the cloud is an all round better solution!

Here at Novo we offer our support software as in-house licensed and Cloud hosted, but we are seeing more and more interest in our Cloud solutions.  If you have been putting off a software purchase because of the initial investment needed check out a Cloud platform.  It may be just what you need!

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