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Overview of the bill

The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure asset bill has passed in the US Senate, with $550 billion of funds being allocated to America’s infrastructure. If the bill is passed in the US House, cities across the country will begin to undergo a massive expansion. The plan details new job creation and sustainable solutions nationwide for different towns and their citizens. Over the next decade, it says it will create many jobs in the public sector. Yet, some Americans are still left puzzled. Who will reap the benefits of this bill? What will be affected? Will a small county be able to reap these benefits just as a larger county would? This blog post will answer those questions & more!

So, who or what will be receiving funds?small-county

This bill is an excellent opportunity for larger cities and their public works departments to upgrade their infrastructure. The infrastructure bill goes into detail about large-scale development within public transit, passenger rail, bridges, wastewater, water treatment, energy, and even widespread internet availability. Various towns and cities will be connected and the construction of new paths to new places will start. The avenues will be prepared, but how will the town halls, courthouses, and schools fare?

Small cinfrastructure-bill-moneyounty gains & losses

All infrastructure faces neglect either one way or another. City officials everywhere have to decide where to allocate resources or if they have enough resources to upgrade failing infrastructure. Smaller jurisdictions have even less to operate with. Additionally, they are less resilient to the damages inflicted upon their assets. Therefore, consultations for repairs on dilapidated assets tend to be very expensive and outside the usual budget. As a result, assets waste away as time goes by. So, eliminating the difficulties of these processes will offer new opportunities for improvement to small county residents. Infrastructure asset management software is the solution for the disadvantages faced.

Overcoming obstacles

Surmounting obstacles can be a strenuous process if not done efficiently. Our software provides the ability to plan, maintain, and retain your infrastructure and its’ assets. For instance, if you’re constructing new assets, repairing streets, servicing fleets, or facilitating wastewater processes asset management is what you need!  At Novo Solutions, we specialize in it and our ShareNet infrastructure asset management system will handle all of your needs.

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A small county solution.

Our ShareNet software allows you to easily log your infrastructure asset information. All access for our clients, whether from a mobile device or desktop is over a secure internet connection. For example, you can create a work-order request form to document maintenance work. Additionally, you can use our GIS-based mapping system to pinpoint asset locations on a map.

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