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heavy equipment maintenance softwareHow do you track your maintenance tasks and work orders?  I ask this because without tracking and good management, putting out fires becomes a way of life.

Take the time to answer honestly a few questions.

When do you have the time to organize your system?  Check behind your technician’s? Follow-up with your customer relationships? How do you manually handle the workflow?

 What would happen if you had a more organized, advanced intelligent heavy equipment maintenance software solution? 

  • An intuitive automated program can be calibrated to your specific needs (various equipment and types of monitoring).
  • Easily submit and track work orders online or on a mobile device.
  • Automate recurring maintenance tasks, inspections, and preventive maintenance.
  • Automated workflows ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Effortlessly retrieve electronic knowledge for all technicians on the job site.
  • Easily plan, report, and evaluate compliance, warranties, and service agreements.
  • Team effort is improved as requests, executions, and follow-up is updated via the cloud.
  • Heavy equipment maintenance software helps you organize tasks by using data already available on the equipment.
  • Give customers hands-on ability with the Consumer portal.
  • Make improved choices using immediate data and quick reporting tools.
  • Organize maintenance technician’s schedules, workload capability, and development.
  • Increase in profit margin.
  • Equipment breakdown is minimal, production would increase.
  • Compliance issues (industry certifications, maintenance requirements, insurance policies, audits, government regulations) would never fall through the cracks; operation shutdown would never happen.

What if your equipment fails while on a work request?  How does this look to your customer?  Is this producing?

  • Identify equipment that has high overhead cost to operate.
  • Ability to predict requirements for parts and equipment needed to complete jobs.
  • Immediate visibility of high priority work requests preventing collateral damage and lost customers.

How would your company’s customer service change by using a heavy equipment maintenance software? 

  • Automatically schedule follow-up call/email to customers regarding work orders/inspections/warranty/preventive maintenance contracts.
  • With a customer portal, your clients can easily track their own assets.
  • Calling the customer to remind them of the equipment maintenance; not waiting for equipment to break down.
  • Properly maintained equipment has a lower cost of ownership (like maintaining your car for example).
  • Tracking customer warranties enhances company trust with customers and avoids unnecessary costs.
  • An organized, efficient company demonstrates a professional image to your customers.
  • Ability to accomplish so much more with less time and effort.
  • Stop being a reaction based business and start preventing before it happens.
  • do more with less, help clients, accountability.
  • Accountability with reports, tracking work orders, automatic notifications.

The program enables you to use simple tools to create, track, share, update, and report with efficiency and thereby supporting your ability to manage your customer’s needs, maintain your service contracts, prioritize customer equipment maintenance, and sales follow-up. Imagine if your heavy equipment maintenance management was your best strategic asset instead of a daily challenge.   Contact Novo Solutions today to learn more about Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software.