Share with Others

Novo Solutions helps you get in the cloud.

Social Networking tools are here to stay.  The question is, are you taking advantage of their power with your existing applications.  Whether it is facebook, flickr, a blog feed, tweets from twitter, YouTube or even customized maps, Novo Solutions embraces this technology in our Knowledge Base and helps you share this information with those that need it.

Novo Solutions Knowledge Base allows you to use many social networking tools to communicate effectively with your employees, customers, constituents or partners.

Here are just a few examples of how NOVO Solutions Knowledge Base can work with Social Networking Tools:

  • Publish a blog feed in an article or your home splash page.  Recent event headlines can be scrolled with links to the full articles.

  • Publish a twitter feed in an article or your home splash page to let people know what is happening right now.

  • Show maps of your locations, current events, points of interest or even where your support calls are coming from.

  • Embed a calendar on your site to show upcoming events.

  • Embed photo slideshows of current events, employee news, or construction progress of a new building or design

  • Embed YouTube, Google Video or many other video formats in an article.

Other Social Networking sharing possibilities:

  • Calendar of events with links to event details

  • Presentation Slideshows

  • Interactive polls

  • Photo Streams

  • Customized widgets

If you have any questions about how to integrate social media and Novo, give us a call 757-687-6590.