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What is a CMMS

I get asked frequently, what is CMMS and how does it save me money.  Granted, CMMS software hasn’t always been around for years, small and medium-sized businesses in the past have used a system of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of which equipment needs a scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) check.

It’s old school folks.

Using old-school spreadsheets for scheduling PM and keeping records for each machine does have some drawbacks, such as knowing where the collection of tattered PM scheduling and order histories are.  Spreadsheets are easily misread causing extra wear-and-tear on machinery without the protection afforded it from regularly performed scheduled maintenance.

Now, you ask, what does offer me?

An automated CMMS software system offers an affordable way for your company to manage your maintenance activities, and be based in the cloud, you get all the perks of an all-access pass.  Savings from participating in a cloud-based maintenance scheduling solution comes from not having to buy any additional computer hardware or software, having automatic updates, and having access from any device, anywhere.  The software is rented and is usually hosted in the cloud by the vendor.  Many such agreements are on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled at any time.

Lower Labor Costs Through Enhanced Competencies

Using CMMS is critical to help you estimate labor hours for PM work. This makes it possible to determine if your staffing levels and maintenance workload match up while lowering overtime expense. This kind of labor cost analysis also is vital in determining when it is time to add maintenance staff and stop paying your current workforce over time.

Another enhanced competency has to do with scheduling. Priority work gets done and the software also helps to keep lower priority work from falling off the to-do list.

Inventory and Parts Management

Lack of parts is the number one reason for delayed scheduled maintenance. But, the best CMMS providers include Inventory and Parts Management in their programs. Using CMMS keeps your stockroom at optimal levels – ending over or under stocking while also streamlining reordering. One excellent feature that CMMS enhances is the ability to understand current inventory levels against current need and send out purchase orders when the stock falls to a predetermined level – making sure you’re never out of stock on a part needed for PM.

Lessen Equipment Downtime and Emergency Repairs

Poorly maintained equipment is low performing, and you will see more breakdowns. Downtime is costly, and when there is an emergency repair, the pressure is on the facilities management department to get it up and running quickly.  But using CMMS to create and track PM keeps unscheduled equipment downtime to a minimum.  Scheduling features usually include the ability to schedule a PM when the equipment is offline, say, during an idle shift.  Preventive Maintenance reduces overtime and reduces unscheduled production stoppages.


Federal and state occupational health and safety inspectors make site visits and want to see proof of maintenance and other equipment related safety materials. Using a CMMS keeps you compliant.

The Novo Private Cloud

Through Rackspace, a trusted leader in Cloud computing services, Novo Solutions has adopted a secure, private cloud infrastructure for our customer’s data. Data is physically separated on dedicated hardware exclusively for Novo Solutions, providing elevated levels of security, reliability, and performance.

Novo Private Cloud provides Novo Solutions (and indirectly our cloud customers) with the following benefits:

  • Full 24x7x365 support and management of the Private Cloud configuration including hardware, hypervisor layer, operating systems, database servers and infrastructure Virtual Machine provisioning
  • Expert assistance in designing, configuring and deploying expansions to the Novo Private Cloud configuration
  • The purchase and renewal of all software licenses including operating system, database, and anti-virus updates
  • The purchase and deployment of all related hardware components
  • Around-the-clock management of the network and data center
  • Industry leading SLAs
  • Strict levels of security, reliability, scalability, and performance
  • Greener server utilization with reduced energy consumption

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