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ClarkI read an interesting article about organizations struggling with the current economy and the impact it is having on their workforce.

We see it happening all around us. Experienced workers who carry the highest cost burden are shed to stabilize the financial health of the company. But as these workers walk out the door, so does much of the intellectual capital of the enterprise. What can companies to mitigate the blow?

We speak to organizations every day that are dealing with loss of knowledge.  The reduction in payroll is something organizations can see on their balance sheet immediately.  The effects of recreating the wheel for the remaining employees are not as tangible but costly none the less.

Novo Solutions offers tools that help reduce the loss of intellectual capital.

  • Consistent Message – our Knowledge Base provides information to those asking questions across the enterprise.
  • Targeted Results – information can be targeted for the specific audience.
  • Knowledge sharing made easy – our solution offers the ability for those with the information to easily share it  with others.
  • Shared Services – our Knowledge Base can be used by multiple departments serving their own clients / employees or constituents.
  • Latest Technology – Novo Solutions has the latest tools that help companies spread the information in a variety of delivery methods.

If you would like more information on how Novo Solutions can help save your organization’s intellectual capital, please feel free to contact us.