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facility managersHere at Novo, we like to support Facility Managers with the best Maintenance Software for their organizations!

Over the years, what began as a help desk tool for IT managers has developed into a powerful tracking tool that reaches far beyond IT.  We have a slogan around here:  “Whatever your business.  Whatever you track.  We can help you do it better!”   Facility Maintenance Managers have a tough job and Novo Solutions is here to assist.

We have to give the kudos for the innovation to our customers.  It is our customers (and people we speak to who are inquiring about our software) who have clued us into the multifaceted tracking needs that are in the workplace.  When we learned of the needs facility managers face, we thought “sure, the Novo Solutions app will do that very well.”

Last month we released the Novo Solutions Facility Managers Maintenance Software.  It provides equipment tracking, request management, and knowledge sharing tools – all in a single application.  The ability to scan barcode labels makes it easy to keep track of equipment.  Workers can scan an item and pull up all of the related information on that item.  If they need to know how to make a repair they can look that up in the built-in knowledge base…all right from the field.  You can’t go wrong when your information is at your fingertips.

What information will Facility Managers Track?

  • Work order metrics, including labor and parts.
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Complete repair histories on all assets and equipment
  • Vendors and customers
  • Exact pin-pointed location of buildings, assets, equipment, and much more.
  • All inspection, warranty, and procedures

We love helping our customers and facility managers automate their everyday asset tracking – saving them valuable time.  If you have an idea or suggestion for tracking specialty items in your business give us a call.  We’d love to meet the challenge with you.

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