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cloud asset management softwareChallenges of using excel spreadsheets instead of Web Based Asset Management Software

  • The sheer volume of data – as the number of assets maintained increases and regulations change the amount of information being tracked rises.  Maintaining these large asset spreadsheets can be difficult and full of errors.
  • If everyone has access to your excel spreadsheet, data can easily be lost or changed in error.  It’s important to have levels of user permissions and know who and when data is altered.
  • Excel can perform many functions and formula’s however, web based asset management is designed to capitalize on specific areas of importance.  Therefore, reports are more robust, relevant, and functional.

Keeping track of PCs, printers, fleet, and heavy equipment (the list goes on) can be a challenge to organizations large and small.  Assets move locations, get reassigned to other people, get replaced, and therefore do not achieve their optimum life cycle.  Utilizing web and mobile asset management software can help significantly and there is even an asset app to scan barcodes too.

What Asset Managers Need to Know:

  • When were the assets purchased and what are the asset depreciation values.
  • Are assets under warranty or service contracts?
  • When was the asset repaired, and what is the preventative maintenance schedule?
  • Warranty expiration dates and renewal information
  • Estimated lifecycle and all relevant service history on every asset.
  • …and much more.

Management also needs flexible reports about asset allocation, usage/conditions, and service history and using complex standard spreadsheets for asset tracking may be quick and simple in the short term, it also has many risks and pitfalls.

Managers Need to be Able to:

  • Quickly identify the age and condition of their assets.
  • Determine the best maintenance schedules based on service histories.
  • Create the most cost-effective work order routes for repairs and replacements.
  • Maintain a history of every inspection and maintenance performed.
  • Maintain asset values using robust, accessible reporting.

Many companies are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage company equipment and assets – there is a better way!

Web Based Asset Management Software is a great tool to track company assets and help you gain and maintain control of this information.  You can store locations, item serial numbers, pictures of the item, and much more.

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