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Whether you call it ‘Cloud Computing’ or ‘SaaS’, both Fortune500 companies and market analysts have praised a hosted solution as a great way to manage internal IT functions.

Gartner named cloud computing as one of their Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010.  They define this list as being technologies that have potential for significant impact on the enterprise for the next three years: “These technologies impact the organization’s long-term plans, programs and imitates. They may be strategic because they have matured to broad market use or because they enable strategic advantage from early adoption (Gartner Research).”

Cloud-based contact centers are a leading example of a successful hosted model.  Over the past ten years, they have matured into a stable solution that enables organizations to save money while improving the customer experience.  By eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware and build out a infrastructure that requires management, organizations can free up funds for other business areas while still maintaining a responsive IT operation.

Other benefits include:

  • Eliminating Capital Expenditures
  • Reducing Ongoing IT Maintenance & Support Costs
  • Increasing Staffing Flexibility
  • Gaining Disaster Preparedness
  • Staying Flexible as Demand Fluctuates
  • Operating with Up to Date Software

The Cloud model is especially beneficial to new and growing organizations.  Solutions that were previously out of reach for small to mid-sized companies are accessible.  Even companies with internal support software can migrate to a hosted solution and realize immediate savings.

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