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email-to-ticketImagine taking a road trip without getting anything done before leaving.  Surely you need to map the route, secure hotels, fill the tank, go to the ATM, hire a pet sitter, forward your mail, pack the suitcase, and so forth. Customer Support before automated email-to-ticket conversion is like taking that road trip without even packing. Will you ever arrive at your desired location?  Not likely!

Customer Support Software helps to avoid the constant interruptions of having to respond to incoming email and is essential to productivity.  Workflow integration will receive the email from your customer, automatically create a support ticket, assign it to the appropriate team to respond, and confirm receipt by emailing your customer. This provides improved customer satisfaction, reduces manual processes, and speeds resolution of service and support requests.

Benefits of Automated Email-to-Ticket Conversion:

Reduce Redundant Tasks: Service requests received via email can be automatically converted into tickets, enabling simple management and tracking.

  • Easily configure email routing to receive service requests.
  • Automatically convert service requests into separate items that can be tracked and searched.

Automatic email-to-ticket conversion and a properly configured workflow system create automated processes for teams and a manageable flow of information (i.e. it is much easier to manage tickets in a queue where ticket assignment and status can easily be seen.).

Integrate Customer Data: Customers don’t want to repeat information especially if they have been transferred multiple times.  Integrating customer data in one support system is ideal.

  • The ability to view customer’s previous support tickets and history in one location increases the level of service.
  • Customers expect to be treated quickly, fairly, and personally. Tracking ticket status and the progress towards resolution is integrated into email-to-ticket workflow automation.

Automated Replies: The biggest drain on productivity for customer service employees is typing the same replies over and over.

  • Create pre-formatted replies and responses that can be customized for various types of support tickets.
  • Automate self -help solution email responses based on common issues put knowledge in the hands of the customer.
  • Deliver highly relevant information with specific information regarding status and completion.

Improved Email Tracking: Business success depends on identifying and tracking movements and efforts.  Enhanced customer support software helps departments collaborate.

  • Ability to track details including how quickly employees are responding to and resolving issues.
  • Track feedback on customer interactions and quickly respond to negative experiences.
  • Improve processes through feedback and collected data are just a few benefits of tracking email-to-ticket conversion metrics.

Customer Status Alerts:  Customers email businesses directly with support issues or information requests. Often these messages are routed to a common mailbox where an employee then evaluates the request.

  • Is the message prioritized based on need?
  • Will it be forwarded to the person or department they decide should respond?
  • Is it copied and pasted into a ticketing system for assignment?

Waiting for manual processes causes service delays, added labor expenses because of manual review of emails and ticket entry, and ultimately poor customer service and even lost revenue.  Don’t take the customer support road trip without careful workflow integration and automation.

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