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help desk supportIn the world of help desk support we focus on ways to make our customers happy, but also of importance is ensuring support team members are satisfied.  In “The One Minute Manager”, Ken Blanchard states that people who feel good about themselves produce good results.  It makes sense that satisfied employees are a key contributor to having satisfied customers.

Check out this article (you will have to scroll down) to see what makes support staff satisfied and unsatisfied.  We hope you’ll enjoy this!

A peek: “Research shows that 82% of support centers report having satisfied or very satisfied staff, while just 6% are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. These stats include only the organizations that contributed answers to this section of our survey. Among participating organizations, 36% of these organizations measure employee satisfaction annually, 19% of teams measure satisfaction quarterly, 23% measure satisfaction monthly, and 11% measure weekly.”

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