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Smart businessman busy workingAs developers of customer support software solutions, as well as serving our own customers worldwide, we are all about learning about the latest trends in customer support practices. Customers are getting savvier and expecting more, and smart businesses are doing their best to keep up. Over the past few years we have seen how beautifully social media integrates with reaching customers, so what is next? It may very well be ‘text’!

According to Pew Research, “texting is fast becoming the way consumers want to communicate. Thirty one percent of mobile phone owners prefer to text rather than talk. Not to mention texting bypasses the annoyance of wading through multiple menus and directives to enter account numbers or other personal information to route a call.” Even faster than social media, texting offers immediate interaction with agents, offering customers a preferred way to communicate other than by telephone or email (see Forbes article below).

Read more about the findings here:

How are you keeping up with ever changing customer support demands? Let us know if you are using text and social media and how it is working for you.