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Flexibility in an application often engenders fear in the hearts of professionals tasked with managing the initial set up and continued management of a solution.  While this anxiety is completely understandable, Novo renders such fears largely baseless.  We’ve done so by creating an intuitive interface for administrators and by providing the personal touch of training your core cadre of users.  Should assistance be required, our Support Portal enables self help and of course our Support Department is there for you as well.

This same ease of use extends to internal and external users as well.  Internal users are able to quickly become proficient in the use of the Novo Customer Support Suite which directly relates to an attractive bottom line for several reasons.  Not only will fewer wage-hours utilized learning to utilize the system handsomely impact your Return on Investment Analysis, but enhanced customer satisfaction will directly translate into greater customer retention rates and increased sales due to the positive image of your organization in the marketplace.

All of the power and flexibility in the world amounts to nothing if a solution is not cost effective both in terms of the initial capital expenditure and ongoing cost.  With regard to initial expense, you must objectively weigh the cost of continuing to manage the business of your organization as you have been against the cost of managing your business after the efficiencies of a solution have been realized.  Novo even makes this daunting task easy – we’ll do it for you!  Any member of the Novo Sales Staff are delighted to have a conversation with you to assess the needs of your organization as well as to gather the information required to prepare for you a detailed Return on Investment Analysis.