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In today’s business world, all businesses are seeking to not only increase efficiency but to enhance service while doing so.  In such a business climate, most organizations find themselves in a situation where more work must be performed by the same or number of employees.  If unable to increase staffing to manage workloads, more efficiently managing work through the use of a support application makes sound business sense.  Such a solution must be scalable, cost effective, robust, flexible, easily configured and intuitively utilized by both employees and customers alike.  These goals may seem mutually exclusive, but I would like to share with you how the Novo Customer Support Suite facilitates the accomplishment of these contradictory aspirations.

No matter the size of your organization or how rapidly it is growing in terms of customers or staff, the Novo Customer Support Suite is scalable to suit your needs.  A robust core renders performance or reliability issues due to such variables as the amount of data being managed or the number of licensed users utilizing the system a non-issue.  The Novo Customer Support Suite has thrived in as diverse of environments as a small managed services firm and an entire military installation.

Building on this solid foundation, the Novo Customer Support embodies the fundamental flexibility your organization needs in order to both manage existing work but to dynamically change and grow as your business needs require.  User defined fields, custom rules, custom workflows, email integration, custom forms and lists and editable templates for request submission and Knowledge Base articles are some but not all of the features of the Novo Customer Support Suite that facilitate this flexibility.  Novo also provides your organization with an End User Portal that is fully customizable in terms of appearance and user access based on roles and permissions.