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Last week we talked about the benefits of setting Service Level Agreements – even if they are only for internal management.  We at Novo Solutions have found this very beneficial for measuring success in IT Support operations.

In a time when many companies are considering outsourcing their in-house IT departments, it is very helpful to know just how well your IT department is performing.  Having data in hand such as average response time and average time to resolve is essential to making such a crucial decision.  Do not be easily sold into the idea of outsourcing a key operation without really KNOWING how you are doing.  You must have this essential data to compare your options.

In addition, setting goals that can be measured through Service Level Agreement accountability. Staff members are able to see for themselves how they are performing. Empowering your employees with this information will undoubtedly help them do their jobs better.  Good customer support depends on the managment of service level agreement accountability.

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