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AnneOrganizations everywhere are having to find new ways to save money.  Consolidating internal support into a internal shared services environment is a great way to streamline processes and optimize manpower.

You may have a dedicated support department that handles your company’s IT requests.  HR may have their own system to store and serve important policies and procedures, as well as managing essential employee processes.   And your finance department may have their own support and tracking system.

Internal Shared Services is more than just a centralization or consolidation of similar activities in one location.  Bringing these services together not only reduces expenses by consolidating personnel and equipment, but also joins departments and creates a synergy when they work together.  Implementation of Internal Shared Services will also reduce redundancies (common tasks) and improve work practices.

At Novo Solutions we often hear that within a company one internal support department is running one software, while another is using a different software.  You would think this is because they have such differing needs and need a specialized software, but that is typically not the case.  Because the departments are separate, different people are making the selections and choose based upon their preference.  This results in multiple software purchases, multiple annual support maintenance, and multiple user licenses.

A strong and flexible system, such as the Novo Internal Shared Services Platform, is a great tool for use in a multi-departmental service environments.  It is highly configurable, and with its flexible permission settings can be used across departments to ensure confidential information is kept secure.  The result is one purchase, one annual support contract, and the benefit of discounted pricing as you purchase multiple seats.

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