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AnneA great tool for implementing ‘Shared Services’ within your organization!

Companies everywhere are trying to find ways to drive down costs.  Shared Service Software is quickly coming to the forefront as a means to reduce expenses.

Many companies have support personnel in various departments.  IT may have their own internal tracking management, HR & Finance their own as well.  And they may all be using different tools that do not ‘talk’ to each other, demanding independent management and reporting.

The Shared Service Software model brings all of this together under one umbrella.  The benefits include:

  • Use one tool instead of multiple applications – saves initial purchase costs, optimizes training, and reduced recurring maintenance fees.
  • Maximized manpower – reduce the number of staff needed to perform daily, redundant tasks. Training is also optimized as more users are using the same tool.
  • Improve Processes – adopt best practice models and standardize processes utilizing a common framework.
  • Improved reporting capabilities – since all data is in one place, smart reporting is contained within one shared service software system. Report data can be merged and run as needed, as opposed to ‘Lone Ranger’ systems that are self contained.

So, especially for ‘back of the house’ operations, implementing a Shared Service Software environment can be a real cost saver bringing improved value, instead of a cut in services.

I’d like to hear about your success with Shared Service Software.  If you have a story to tell can you please take a moment and make a comment to this post?