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Weather Alert - High Definition Television HDTVHere in Virginia we are expecting a snowstorm later today.  While this is not unusual in some areas of the state, others rarely get snow and it can be a big disruption to businesses and local government.  Hurricanes and other extreme weather can disrupt ‘business as usual’ and leave citizens and employees wondering what to do.

Knowledge base software is an excellent tool to store important information for easy retrieval during extreme weather.  Examples include:

  • Storing company protocol on ‘what to do’ in certain conditions.  Employees can access vital information remotely if they cannot get to the workplace.
  • Providing reference documents of emergency practices, such as event equipment that needs to be shut down, restarted, etc.
  • Updating your customers or citizens of emergency procedures or issues so they can be informed.
  • The ability to make updates to the knowledge base from any location.
  • Having the most up-to-date information available on your Intranet or website.

Being able to provide the right information in an emergency situation not only empowers employees and customers, but can save equipment and ensure safety.

For information on the Novo Knowledge Base software see: