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Kris felt like a juggling clown with all the scattered data, information, and procedures.  This struggle was causing some serious risk at Shelivay.  She needed accurate, reliable, and locatable information from maintenance staff and plant floor operators.  Not having a centralized repository for captured information makes it extremely challenging to make any predictive or preventative decisions.   Knowledge management software captures the information and knowledge that could potentially bridge the gap between departments.

Meanwhile, according to Deloitte, as many as 2 million jobs in manufacturing will go unfilled because of the shortage of skilled workers.  Therefore, it’s essential to preserve and document your company knowledge to address this approaching skilled worker famine.  In fact, having a centralized knowledge base of job procedures and best practices delivers faster problem resolution, reduced training time, and prevents s as employees leave.

Benefits of Centralized Knowledge Management Software:

  • It takes less time to search and manage information such as manuals, operating logs, maintenance procedures, spare parts available, and safety alerts.
  • The maintenance staff has the ability to simply and easily create, manage, track, and record tasks.
  • The best, most efficient procedures are recorded and easily located.
  • New employees are brought up to speed quickly with procedures and documentation.
  • Recorded knowledge facilitates decision-making capabilities and stimulates innovation for employees.

Sharing the same data across your organization can revolutionize the management team and the technicians who work for them.  Subsequently, the analyzed data reveals the patterns that lead to more efficient operations and a healthier bottom line. As Shelivay abandons the paper management method, they begin to learn from mistakes and avoid snags they have already confronted.

It is said that knowledge is power, so don’t throw away your organization’s intellectual capital.   Never discount the benefit of having accessible and versatile knowledge such as procedures, repair manuals, parts catalogs, warranties, service history, mileage, inspections, and more.

Novo Solutions began our journey with Knowledge Management Software, so we know how important knowledge and available information is to support and improve decisions and the overall maintenance process.  It’s integral to have the information you need on the plant floor to maintain and execute performance procedures and repairs with ease.  Because, if your technicians don’t have the data quickly, losses happen and downtime increases.

Collectively, the maintenance, asset, and knowledge management advancements at Shelivay gave Kris the ability to proficiently and cost-effectively manage the plant. Thanks for tuning in for my series about Kris Camden at Shelivay Manufacturing – until next time, don’t hesitate to call Novo Solutions for your Knowledge Management Software Needs.