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AnneWell, the economic indicators report that consumer confidence is rising.  People are optimistic that things are improving – we still have a long road ahead, but there is light at the other end of the tunnel.  The question is – what are the lessons learned ?  Will we return to life as usual, or will we change our lives and businesses so that we are better protected in the future.

Individuals and businesses alike are learning very good lessons through these economic challenges.  The goal is to take these lessons learned to help us grow in confidence in the future – not in fear.  Hopefully we will all be better stewards of our assets, both personal and business.

Many organizations found themselves losing employees in this recession – good, hard-working people who would have had long careers with their employers under other circumstances.  It was swift, and nobody expected or prepared for it.

In the months and years ahead, you may be re-staffing some of these severed positions.  What will you do to ensure that your company knowledge stays intact in the event of future unexpected staff turnover?

A company knowledge base is an excellent tool for storing your company knowledge and valuable lessons learned.  It is helpful for retaining:

  • Basic Company Information
  • Training Tools
  • Company Best Practices
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • …and more!

You’ll not only save time and money training new hires with a knowledge base repository, but you’ll ensure that valuable company information and lessons learned does not go out the door when an employee leaves.

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