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I have spoken often with potential clients who have illustrated a situation where their organization needs what they assume to be several separate solutions.  On many occasions, I’ve also spoken with potential clients who are aware of the needs of not only their own department but of other departments as well in terms of support solutions.  I have also spoken with many potential clients who assume not only that they must purchase, implement and maintain multiple instances of multiple applications but that they must also pay a hefty premium in order to do so.

When IT requires a Change Manager, the Service Desk must be provided with a modern Help Desk solution and all departments would benefit from having access to a centralized Knowledge Base – the Novo Customer Support Suite renders it completely unnecessary to purchase multiple instances of multiple applications.

User interaction, for instance, may be governed by authentication which has the end effect of Service Desk users seeing a Help Desk application and those users involved with Change Management seeing a Change Manager.  This logic also applies to the Knowledge Base where article access may be controlled based upon authentication.

When tied into your Microsoft Active Directory, all of this efficiency and power is seamlessly delivered to the appropriate user via a single sign on experience!  If you find that these capabilities might have merit for your organization or should you have any questions, comments or concerns, any member of the Novo Sales Staff would be delighted to have a conversation with you!