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When You Need to Track: Request Tracking -People, Issues & Assets Part III

Almost like Dorothy sings in the Wizard of Oz… Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My, over and over to convince herself – request tracking can have you repeating yourself in more ways than one.  Over the past couple weeks, we have looked at the benefits of bringing help desk software out of IT and into the workplace.  Here is another great example of using a typical request tracking solution in an atypical environment.

Multi-site Operations Request Tracking

request trackingOne of our customers uses our Help Desk and our Asset Management software to keep track of equipment and related incidents for a chain of 35 convenience stores.   From gas pumps to coffee machines and sandwich ovens, each piece of equipment is tracked using our Novo request tracking software solution.  Resolution times are closely monitored with automatic notifications sent to team members whenever equipment is down for too long.  Detailed reports are also automatically emailed to managers providing visibility into daily site activities and potential loss due to extended downtimes.

The Asset Manager module allows for all serial numbers and warranty details to be tracked and reported on.  Problem equipment (with a higher than normal amount of issues) can easily be spotted in administrative dashboards which reflect robust charts and provide “click thru” capabilities so core data can be drilled into and easily accessed.

The team is pleased with the efficiencies they have gained they are now looking to grow the application by adding additional components.

So again we ask, “What do you track?”  Do you have a help desk solution in place or a powerful request tracking tool to use across multiple departments?  Take some time, do your do-diligence.

For information or want to learn more, please call Novo Solutions today and learn what request tracking can do for you. 🙂