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For those of us in the US, Memorial Day weekend launches the beginning of the summer season. Up through Labor Day many workers take vacations with their families and friends.  Many businesses have to slow down production as workers fill gaps to cover for one another, or tasks may get postponed altogether.  This can wreak havoc on businesses that may already be short staffed.

Heaven on earthWhy not use your knowledge base software to help fill in those gaps? You can use your knowledge base to:

  • Keep a clear calendar of who is out of the office and when so that departments are adequately staffed at all times.
  • House resource manuals, how-to’s, and FAQ’s for other departments to access to find important information while you are out.
  • Populate your website with self help answers so customers can find answers for themselves, reducing call volume.
  • Easily and effectively share any information that is worth sharing!

Here at Novo Solutions we find that most people purchase a knowledge base software solution to fill a certain need.  What many do not realize is that their software can do so much more.

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