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Woman on the telephoneI am writing this post as I am on hold at a customer support center.  I really hope this will be a short post, but I am afraid it may not.  The music is nice, but this is my second call to the center where I have already spent over an hour trying to get reward points straightened out.  I am forced to tell my story again with hopes I can get to the next tier level of support.  We have all been there – you know the feeling!

Agent abuse is no laughing matter but it is understandable that by the time an agent gets to a call the caller is already frustrated.  Minimizing frustration by getting issues resolved is a win/win situation.

Providing self-help so a customer doesn’t have to call is an ideal scenario.  This allows customers to get the information they need on demand, and saves call centers money by reducing call volume.  This also frees up agents to get to other calls even faster.  A self-help knowledge base is an ideal tool to provide 24/7 answers to frequently asked questions.  Accessible from your company website, customers can go there to quickly find answers to their problems.

Knowledge base software tied to your existing request tracking software is also a huge time saver.  Agents can use it to quickly find answers and best practice resolutions.  It can easily be kept up-to-date advising agents of new/shift notices as well as solutions to recent and timely issues that may be “need to know’ that day.

Contact Novo Solutions for a free trial of the Novo Knowledge Base.

PS – still on hold….I hope they have a quick answer for my question….sigh!