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Whether it is the beginning of your fiscal year or you are approaching year end, now is a great time to work towards managing your business goals.  Organizing company-wide goals into a searchable, central knowledge repository is a great way to categorize and keep track of essential business data.

Beginning of year:  Now is the time to layout goals for the year.  From mission and vision statements to business plans to policies and procedures, having important information in an easy to access tool is vital.  With a knowledge base you are able to easily add, edit and remove content; workflows allow you to automate reviews and approvals so correct information is always at hand.

End of Year:  Managing your company data in a single area is a great way to not only organize data so that everyone can see it, but also allows you bring everyone on board with goals of what needs to be done to finish well.  You can review goals to see where you are, set end of year goals, and have valuable data on hand to set goals for next year.  Automated review reminders will notify you to clean up outdated content to ensure company data is current and accurate.

Here are some examples managing your company data:

  • Mission/vision statements
  • Company policies
  • Human resource documents
  • Business plans
  • Security reviews
  • Safety regulations
  • Images, rss feeds, videos
  • Searchable attachments: MS Word, Excel, pdf’s,  etc.

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