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Customer Support Operations can range from basic to complex.    Most of us have come to expect automated recordings, long waits and the taxing process of having to carefully explain our situation multiple times.).  It is no wonder that customers, as well as agents, get frustrated in the process.

A frequently overlooked component of customer support is the integration of knowledge management into the support process.  Being able to quickly and effectively deliver knowledge when needed improves the support process. Here are a few ways:

  1. Knowledge SharingCustomer Self-Help
    A public facing knowledge base on your company website is all that is needed to help customers find their own answers, providing24/7 answers to your customers while reducing call volume.  Overhead costs are reduced.  Customers are happy.
  2. Employee Training
    Employ your knowledge base to hold employee training materials.  Policy manuals, training handbooks, employment forms, training videos and more can be made readily available to your employees.  A web-based knowledge base allows employees to access the information from any browser.
  3. Support Documentation
    A consolidated knowledge base becomes the go-to place for support information. It can be set up to hold all of your essential support documentation, empowering agents to quickly find answers to provide better support customers.
  4. Support Best Practices
    Ensure all of your agents are observing the same procedures and providing uniform answers.  Agents can quickly search for an issue and follow approved methods for providing support.

Integrating a knowledge base with your existing customer support software empowers agents and reduces call times. The Novo Knowledge Base works with the Novo Help Desk, or alongside your existing help desk software.

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