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did you knowCelebrating its tenth year, the Novo Knowledge Base Software is still one of our most popular support applications, and it is easy to see why.   Our customers come to us with a need to effectively store and retrieve their company knowledge, and within days can populate a robust knowledge base.

We often learn, however, that after the initial push there can be a tendency to neglect the knowledge base, resulting in outdated and inadequate data.

We have learned from our customers that it is essential to have practices in place to keep the knowledge base up-to-date, so it remains the effective tool it set out to be.  Here are some helpful pointers:

  • Assign a person or department to spearhead and manage the KB project
  • Schedule automated review dates into the knowledge base articles to ensure the data is current and useful
  • Create goals (even incentives) around adding new content to build knowledge along the way
  • Check article feedback rankings to update articles and ensure articles are helpful
  • Regularly check search logs to review what terms are being searched and whether or not searches are being matched.  This is a great tool to know what new information needs to be added.

If you have purchased a knowledge base from us and would like a review of ways you can maximize its use please don’t hesitate to give us a call!  The Novo Knowledge Solution solves problems.