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Some people only think of Knowledge Base Software as a tool for customer support operations, but if you have a KB system in-house you have an excellent tool for Human Resources.

All kinds’ company information can be placed into a knowledge base for easy access.  A quality system will allow you to set permissions so that only management can view restricted data, making it perfect for storing key employee resources.  With other features such as article review and workflows, HR can ensure that company information is constantly reviewed & up-to-date.

Let’s take a look at a common HR component – Procedures Management:

Whether documented or not, almost all organizations have ‘procedures’ on how day-to-day business tasks are completed.  Some attempt to document as many procedures as possible while others rely on verbal knowledge and training on how tasks are accomplished.  Imagine the value of being able to easily retrieve data on how procedures are performed!  This would:

  • Ensure procedures are current and correct
  • Serve as an ideal training tool
  • Preserve Knowledge when an employees leaves

Check with your IT dept.  and see if they are using  a knowledge management system.  If they are you could share the software in what is called a Shared Services environment.  This environment allows you to share one application across multiple departments.   Data is categorized among the various departments, so you only see your information and they only see their information – this ensures data is kept secure!

Typically all that is needed to expand the system is to purchase additional licenses for other departments and make easy configurations.  Additional modifications, such as customized templates are easily done to personalize the look and feel for different departments.

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