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It seems everyone was taken back by the upheaval that the volcano in Iceland has brought to the airline industry; stranded passengers, lost revenue, not to mention the chaos still to unfold when flights resume.  Of all of the scenarios that airlines have to plan for I am sure this is one that they never saw coming.  These events make us all take a look at our own businesses and how we track company knowledge?

What if your business had a crisis tomorrow?  What if you couldn’t operate – or had to cease operations and then resume after an extended period.  Would your managers and employees know what to do?  Where to go?  Who to call?

Of course we are all taught to have an action plan in place in the event of a crisis – that is good business.  Having solid, documented procedures in place can make the difference between your business surviving or not, not to mention maintaining client relationships after an unexpected event.

Organizing emergency procedures into a searchable, knowledge management system serves as a ‘go to’ place for employees to get information in a crisis.  Important policies and procedures can be placed there for both present and future potential use.  Emergency information can be documented and kept private, until management makes it available for departmental or even public viewing.  Having a centralized repository improves communication, reduces chaos and ensures that vital information is effectively dispersed.

You have insurance for your business infrastructure…..knowledge management is insurance for your most valuable asset…your company knowledge!

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