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Transparency with a Knowledge Base Workflow Toolknowledge base workflow tool

Transparency…you are hearing about it more and more in the news today. Government and businesses alike are working towards a more transparent model, where disclosure and collaboration amongst organizations and customers are becoming the new standard. Whether it has come about to rebuild public trust or is just an evolution of mature practices, the movement towards transparency is moving in quickly.  That’s why it is integral to have a knowledge base workflow tool in your arsenal.

The Obama administration has set about to renew government with ‘The Open Government Initiative‘. This initiative seeks to heavily include the public by means of transparency, participation, and collaboration. Using Twitter and Blogs, they are already beginning communication on how this ‘Open Government” framework will be formed and implemented. A big change is coming and is coming quickly.

Perhaps you are experiencing the push towards transparency in your own business. If you are not yet – we believe it is coming your way – either through public demand and/or through regulation. So what can you do now?

Your Novo knowledge base workflow tool has some great built-in tools to enhance transparency. A knowledge base workflow tool is great for storing and managing your company information. Perhaps you are only using it internally now. Because of flexible settings, you can also use it as a public facing tool to provide information to your customers. Security settings allow you to determine ‘who’ (which group) gets to see ‘what’ information, so private information is kept private.

The knowledge base workflow tool allows you to automate processes so that you can easily review, change, and manage feedback on articles, saving time and improving efficiency.

On the help desk side of the Novo software, the workflow tool allows for easy communication with customers by providing the ability to ask questions within the system. Once a question is posed, help desk workflows kick into route the question to the appropriate department for response. Again, the workflow automation pushes this through the system, so you are not wasting manpower by manually routing information internally.

We are always making improvements to the Novo software to keep up with technology and the changing times. Contact us if you would like more information on any of our software applications.