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Stacy is trying out her first marketing gig and loving it. She is a Virginia Beach native that marches to the beat of her own drummer and is often seen being passionate about something. She absolutely loves it when people read her blog! : -)

Public Works Work Order Software │The Key to Productivity

8 Keys to a Productive Public Works Department (Video) This video covers 8 key things you can do using public works software to create a more productive Public Works Department.  A software system can be implemented to move away from using a manual public works work order form.  Paper forms are very inefficient and can be easily misplaced. To learn about the ShareNet Municipal Operations Management software system or to request a [...]

Keep Up With Your Investments with Asset Tracking

One of the largest investments of a company is work equipment. Whether it's large equipment, tools, or even tablets and cell phones, asset tracking is a huge benefit for a number of reasons. Check out exactly how easy a CMMS makes asset tracking below. Keep Up with Maintenance Schedules Monitoring your assets is more than just having a place where they are easily found. As a result of keeping up with maintenance schedules, downtime decreases [...]

Mobile Maintenance – Yes, There’s a Work Order App for That

The mobile world is evolving, not only are people using their own devices for work, but organizations are enlisting the help of a mobile maintenance and work order apps to improve their maintenance I was recently purchasing a new trashcan, and of course, the color I wanted wasn’t in a neat box with the barcode and price, so I quickly snapped a pic of the corresponding trashcan barcode, making the cashier sing my praises.  Though [...]

Information Management Software Approval Advice

Getting management to approve an information management software purchase can be a grueling process, but having your ducks in a row should help the process go more smoothly. (Infographic Below) To begin, you've landed on this post, so assuming you have already recognized the need but perhaps convincing others sounds like a feat you can't conquer.  Never fear, Stacy is here to help. Specifically, define the problem that the information management software will fix.  Offer specific, [...]

Paper vs. Work Order Software

Paper Work Orders vs. Digital It’s no secret that the world is becoming primarily digital and work order software has become necessary to keep up with the excellent customer service the public expects.  Not to mention the incredible amount of benefits to using software to automate processes.  If you’re on the fence with moving from paper work orders to digital, then I suggest you do your due diligence.  Consider the following: Downside of Paper Based [...]

CMMS Software Review | No Fluff Questions Answered

I am a consumer just like you. I like my questions answered very straightforward and honest, without a lot of fluff.  So, assuming you’re of similar mindset by the mere fact that you landed on this CMMS Software Review blog post, I hope to answer the top questions as straightforward as possible. Bottom line folks- finding balance, organization, and more efficient daily activities started your search, because you know successful operations are not just about [...]

Computerized Maintenance Management System the Dollars and Cents – Video Blog

(Written Narration of Blog Post published 12/14/2017 https://novosolutions.com/cmms-systems-dollars-cents/) So, what are the direct and indirect costs related to a computerized maintenance management system? With a cloud based Computerized Maintenance Management software system everything is covered in an annual fee.  You aren’t responsible for updates or back-ups and you can count on good phone support and improvements over time. Set up fees and costs - Vendors usually charge a one-time [...]

Top 7 Things to Consider When Evaluating a CMMS System

A CMMS system (computerized maintenance management software) automate many of the logistical functions performed by maintenance staff. Typical CMMS functions include work order generation, historical tracking of work orders, tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, storing of maintenance procedures and complete parts and materials inventory control. Organizations that deploy a CMMS system are able to realize a variety of benefits, including a significant increase in maintenance productivity, reduction in equipment downtime, savings in material [...]

What is CMMS and How Does It Save You Money?

  I get asked frequently, what is CMMS and how does it save me money.  Granted, CMMS software hasn’t always been around for years, small and medium-sized businesses in the past have used a system of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of which equipment needs a scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) check. It’s old school folks. Using old-school spreadsheets for scheduling PM and keeping records for each machine does have some drawbacks, such as knowing where the [...]

Work Order System – Metrics you Need to Measure

How do you provide your municipality with a summary of complete or incomplete maintenance activities?  A work order system should allow you to show the status of ongoing work, such as work orders closed in the last three months and the costs associated? The only way I see having effective work order metrics is through accurate data. So, you’ve heard of work order metrics, but what exactly are you supposed to measure with a work order [...]